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Guaranteed quality service

Thirty-five years is a long time in electrical experience, so when we say there’s nothing we haven’t seen, done, installed or solved, you can count on it being the truth. We make sure we stay abreast of all the latest technology, and bring our expertise and know-how to everything from complete home renovations, through exterior landscaping lighting all the way to light commercial fitouts, with everything in between. With every single job, Cu Electrical offers a guarantee of quality workmanship, to give you the peace of mind that your job is done to the highest standards, with your safety the top priority. We always provide up-to-the minute advice and always work to your budget.   

Rewiring work

Rewiring of older properties is one of our specialities. No one wants to worry about the possibility of fire, so the removal of old rewireable switchboards and replacing them with new switchboards featuring MCB/RCD protection makes perfect sense when it comes to safety.

Exterior / Landscape lighting

Carefully-positioned lighting can enhance even the tiniest deck or modest garden, and make it a pleasure to relax in. We can use lighting to highlight beautiful trees, artwork, seating nooks, and the rest, and we can also create your garden illumination plan so that it doubles as security lighting, giving you great value for money. We have all the latest tips and tricks lined up for you. You’ll be glad you asked.

Indoor Lighting

Have you noticed, for instance, how single pendant lighting has lately come back into vogue, and ‘secret’ lighting in kitchens and bathrooms has also become very popular. Those are just some of the tricks you can employ to make your living spaces more contemporary. The same goes for making the change to the new-style LED type lighting to inject that wow factor anywhere in your home. Although there will be an initial outlay, your life will be transformed when you realise you’ll never have to change another bulb! The hardest part is deciding to upgrade. Once that’s done, we can show you all your options and get the job done for you.

Office / Light Commercial Lighting

Quite apart from needing a quick fix when things go wrong, small businesses such as hairdressers, cafés, retail outlets, medical centres, gyms to name but a few, all need to have a thorough maintenance check of all their electrical systems to ensure they’re operating at peak safety and efficiency. Cu Electrical will carry out a thorough check and give you a guaranteed clean bill of health, so that you can concentrate on what you do best, as well as updating your look by way of lightning.
Have an electrical issue at home or work that needs sorting out? Have a query about what you can do to enhance your space? Give Paul Gardener a call on 027 483 7942 and let the experts do the rest.